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Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Get organising your craft!

It's coming up close to holidays here. Do you have something special planned for your holidays? Our holidays, amongst other things, inevitably end up with some sort of major bedroom clean-up, and of course, some craft! Do your craft supplies need some organising? Here are some tips and a free printable to help you get ready to do lots of craft, hassle-free, during the holidays!

Grab mum and get her to give you a hand. Mum's are really good at giving advice on how to store things, what things to keep or throw out, or just to label containers. It's also a great chance to have some time just with mum. I'm sure it will make mum really happy to see you taking some responsibility with keeping your things tidy and organised! (there's a little card on the printable sheet, mum, that you can give your young girl as a thank you for her hard work!)

  • Find or buy some boxes, recycled tin cans, pencil cases or trays that you could use to store your craft things in
  • Make sure your bedroom is tidy to start with, because you will need some clear, tidy space to spread out on!
  • Take out all of your craft things, and set up the storage boxes and containers on the floor so they are easy to get to, and have a rubbish bin or plastic bag close by to put rubbish in
  • Print off the free printable, cut out the labels and attach them to the appropriate storage containers. You could laminate them or print on cardboard so they are more durable. Try attaching them with pegs, or sticky tape and ribbon, or even blu-tac (if you think you might change your mind!)

  • Start sorting through your craft items - check that textas work (if they don't throw them out), if you have craft things that are too 'young' for you, are ruined, or you don't think you'll ever use them, throw them out or set them aside to give away to a friend or the local charity organisation
  • As you sort, put things in the new storage containers
  • When you've done that, find a place to put your storage containers. You might like them out on a desk or shelf so you can easily use them, or you might prefer to put them on shelves in a cupboard so you don't have too much clutter!

Well done! Stand back at look at all you've achieved! Give mum a great, big hug and thank her for helping you. Take a moment to be proud of yourself and give yourself a pat on the back! Now you can do craft to your heart's content (when you're allowed to, of course!) and know where everything is and it will be easy to use (but, remember to pack it away in its right place when you're finished)! 

Click here to download your free printable!

What does your mum get up to?

Have you ever wondered what your mum gets up to during the day? Mums have so much they do - whether they work outside your home, work at home, or are a wonderful stay-at-home mum.

Why don't you stop and take a moment to think of all the things your mum does - much of it for her family . . . washing, cooking, cleaning, tidying, paying the bills, organising things for school, groceries, helping with homework or music practice, driving you to and watching you at music lessons or sport, being home to greet you with a smile when you get home, listening to what you did with your day.

Reading A Day In The Life of Amelia Magazine would give my kids an insight as to what one of my days might look like. 
Even more than that, your mum would also . . . listen to you talk about the not-so-good parts of your day, encourage you when your courage fails, snuggle with you, hold you when you cry, mend your injuries, feel your pain when you are sad and hurting, pray for you, think of what she can do to make your life nicer, happier, more peaceful . . . the list could go on.

God gave us mums because He knows just what we need. He thought they are so important, He made sure His son, Jesus, had a loving mother here on earth.

I think a lot of mums know just how special they are, because they know something very special - you are not just her child, but you are one of God's children, too - one of His daughters (or sons - if there are any girls sharing this with their brothers!). Your mum knows she is a care-taker, if you like, of one of the greatest treasures God has created - you. And that makes her job just that much more important to her.

As kids, you probably never before thought of how special that makes your mum. Why don't you hop of the computer, give her a great, big hug, and tell her just how special she is to you!