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Thursday, 3 July 2014

Crochet a pudding warmer

Our first edition of Amelia (Winter 2014) includes a delicious recipe for a Golden Syrup Pudding baked in a jar (for subscription information, look at the column on the left!). What a yummy treat for a winter afternoon, sitting snuggly in a sunny spot and warming up holding this in your hands (and enjoying eating it, too!).

To help keep it warm (and keep your hands from getting too hot if this has just come out of the oven) we have a cute little warmer for your jar that you can crochet. You could use this around a cup, too! 

You will find the instructions here to download. If you have not done any crocheting before, that's fine! There are instructions for crocheting basics here to download, also.

Happy crocheting!

How well can you keep your craft tidy and organised?

It's so nice being able to do craft when you want to and enjoy having time to be creative, isn't it? While it's wonderful to enjoy this, there is some responsibility that goes along with it.

Your mum really doesn't need extra work in cleaning up after you do craft. Keeping your craft area organised, putting things away when you have finished and leaving it clean are so helpful and really show you can be responsible, organised and show initiative.

The little servant girl in Naaman's house must have been very responsible, organised, clean and tidy, as she was listened to by Captain Naaman. What she did around the house must have been part of her showing God's love to Naaman and his family.

Why don't you try showing God's love in your home today by being helpful and responsible?

(If you'd like to read more about the servant girl, have a look in a bible in 2 Kings 5:1-27)