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Saturday, 10 May 2014

A day in the life of Amelia Magazine!

Have you ever wondered how an Amelia Magazine is put together? We thought you might like a little look at what goes on at Amelia Magazine! Sometimes it can be interesting to see 'behind the scenes'. There is a lot to do to get a magazine ready for you lovely girls to read.

As editor, a fair bit of my work can be done at night time, but there are some parts that have to be done during the day. So, between being a mum to three kids, and a teacher, I set aside a good bit of a couple of days a week (or try to anyway, when I'm not running kids to appointments, picking up Grandmas from plane trips - just ask your mum - she'd be able to tell you all the sorts of things she has to juggle things around!).

Are you ready to spend a day with me? Here we go!

I start off every day with reading my Bible and special prayer time. I ask God to show me what He wants me to get done with my day, to guide me with all that I do, and to give me wisdom in all things (as well as other things I pray for, of course. What are some things you pray for each morning?).

Then there are the usual things with getting my kids ready to go to school! I often don't do anything during this time except get the kids ready!

8.00 am - While juggling those last minute rushes to get the kids out the door to the bus, I send an email to our graphic designer. I had an edited article to send through to her, to put in our second edition of our first issue

8.15 am - Yeah! Kids are off to school, hubby has gone to work, now to more of my typical 'mother' things - unpack tents from camping, etc

9.00 am - Drop the cat off at the vet's

9.30 am - Washing, give the kitchen a clean - you know, more typical 'mother' things!

9.45 am - Aahh! At last . . . I'm able to work on Amelia! On the plan for today - a number of photo shoots, and a play with a new craft! 

So, to start with I need to prepare for the first photo shoot of the day - dolls for an article. I need to find the dolls I would like to use, make sure they're as clean as possible (they are much loved and some are quite old - one is over 30 years old!), and collect all the other bits and pieces I think I might use. Then, take it all out into my backyard near the veggie patch to take photos.

10.40 am - Well, that's done! (just need to put some washing on the line!). Go upstairs to check the photos and make notes of any new or different photos I want to take, and then I head back outside to take a few more photos!

Time to pack it all away now! It's always a good habit to get into putting things away as soon as you've finished with them - saves things getting messy and un-organised!

11.15 am - Have a look at those extra photos, while having my 'recess' (morning tea!)

11.20 am - That was a quick break! More photos - this time of silver cleaning!

11.45 am - Doily colouring photo shoot!

12.05 am - It's getting quite cold - stop and have a hot cuppa!

12.10 am - Time to play! Having a play with an upcycle craft possibly for a future issue of Amelia!

2.00 pm - Well, back to being a mum! Time to go for a walk and then do all of the after-school things like music practices, homework, but most of all, catching up with my beautiful children and spending the afternoon with them!

Amelia is so much fun, and as much as it is hard work at times, I love spending time on the magazine and all the other bits that go along with it! Maybe another time, I'll share with you a day when we do something different here at Amelia Magazine!

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