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Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Woven in time

Ever tried your hand at weaving? I've always enjoyed it, and been fascinated with all the different weaving techniques. Nothing fancy, mind you - I've just never had the time to learn that! I think what has attracted me most to weaving is that you're actually creating your own fabric! Even if you're using old fabrics to weave with, a completely new, original, unique fabric is made.

From small to large, any weaving project is going to take time and care. Not only is there the planning, gathering your resources and organising your space. The weaving process itself is laborious. If you were to weave something for someone else, how often do you think your mind would wander to thoughts of them, while your hands slowly worked away.

And, it's that kind of image that comes to mind when I read Psalm 139. Imagine the God-dreams of who you were going to be, all the little bits He added in make you who you are, before you were born.

We've included a small weaving project, suitable for a young girl to have a go at, in our upcoming issue of Amelia Magazine.

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