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Saturday, 8 October 2016

A sticky craft!

I know, it sounds like the start of a ‘Dad-joke’, but I couldn’t help myself! I had so much fun making some of the 'props' used in our current issue (Spring 2016), that I just had to share how to do them yourself. Here's the first of a few to come!

Sticks and branches can add interest to any room, especially ones that are painted or covered in fabric. Maybe even having extra bits added to them like flowers or leaves, can add an extra touch. Don’t you just love that earthy touch to a room, but like it to look clean and fresh?

Covering a stick with fabric is very easy.

First, pick what fabrics you want to use. Cotton, woven fabrics work best, and they offer a wide range of prints and colour. Choose colours/prints that coordinate well together.

Cut the fabric into strips 2.5 cm wide. They can be a little awkward to use if they are too long (they start to tangle up as you wrap!), so keep them short – no more than about 30-40 cm long.

Begin by dotting the stick with a little hot glue and placing one end of the fabric over the dot, so the fabric will start to wrap on an angle.

Wrap the fabric around the stick, dotting with glue every wrap or two. Overlap the fabric strip about half-way over the previous wrap, so that there is good coverage of the stick and your print/colours show up well.

If you come to a join in the branches, you may need to be a little creative in wrapping to cover all of the stick in fabric.

Keep wrapping until you come nearly to the end of a branch. Cut a short strip of fabric (in the same fabric the outer edge of the branch is covered in), cover the end of the branch with hot glue, and glue the short strip over the end of the branch.

Finish wrapping the branch in fabric and snip off any excess fabric, making sure it is glued down well.

Cover all of the branch/stick with fabric.

To anchor it, attach it to a wall, or if you want it to be more free-standing, place it in a jar filled with pebbles or rice (if the jar is tall and deep, you may need to place the branch in first, then add the pebbles).

You could use your branch to hang things off of, to leave notes on, or to just look pretty in your room!

PS - and if you're young, just remember to be very careful with hot glue, and ask an adult to keep an eye on you while you use it!

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