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Thursday, 15 December 2016

12 Days of Christmas - Day 3 - Snowflake Pom Pom

How did your snowflakes turn out yesterday? What have you done with them? Did you save some for today?
Today, we’re going to turn some of those lovely snowflakes into a pom-pom. And it’s so easy you’ll be making piles of them in no time! And, having great mummy-daughter time together – there’s something about busy hands in company that makes way for comfortable deep and meaningfuls!

  • All you need to do for your pom-pom is make two stacks of six snowflakes.
  • Push a split pin through the centre of one stack and spread it open about halfway on the back of the stack. Do the same with the other stack.
  • Starting at the top of one stack, pull the first snowflake up gently and give it a bit of a squeeze around the centre. Pull up the second snowflake and do the same, but don’t squeeze quite so tight. Then do the same for the third.
  • Flip the stack over and repeat for the remaining 3 snowflakes.
  • Do that all again with the second stack.
  • Now, imagine you are going to create a cross-shape with the two stacks (with them turned on their sides).
  • Tie some string around the split pin in the middle of one stack, then around the split pin of the other stack. Leave the tail of string to use for hanging.
  • Fluff out the snowflakes so the pom-pom looks like a ball.
Isn’t it pretty?! And just think, each one of the snowflakes there is beautiful just because there is not another single one like it!

There’s a splendour in this collection of unique snowflakes, that reminds me of groups of friends, or families or communities. Each snowflake is important in bringing its unique qualities to add to the beauty of the group. Much the same way that you do.

God loves you so much He made you unique. And He wants to see your beauty shine out when you are with others. Could your Christmas present to God this year, be you shining your individual uniqueness, adding to the beauty around you, to make the world a brighter place?

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