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Sunday, 15 October 2017

Picture chinese lantern

It's raining and miserable outside here! I had been hoping to get my hands dirty in the garden today, but I think I'll spend my day cooking and crafting (and, maybe it will clear up later for some gardening!)!

Here's a simple, little craft that's easy to do with very few resources - that's always a plus! And might take a bit more than a few minutes to do!

As a mum of young kids, I often felt like I spent more time collecting and setting up craft 'stuff' than they spent doing it!! But this craft is not like this! Set up in a couple of minutes and keep little crafters busy!

All you'll need is some paper (or light card), pencils, stapler and scissors!

Ready to get crafting?

Download the free printable below ... Colour ... Cut ... Staple

It's that easy!

Instructions are printed on the printable you can download here.

This colourful craft is based on Matthew 5:14-16, so it would be perfect for family worship, Bible class, or kids' programs at church!

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